How To: Create Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page a excellent and free tool for business. It allow business to reach out and communicate with the customers.


Facebook Business Page Benefits:


  • Facebook business is simple to create and manage.
  • it provides many free tools to communicate with customers like posts , inbox and chat.
  • Facebook business page is required if you wants to advertise on Facebook. Facebook advertisement is excellent and economical way to reach out to customers.
  • You can also use Facebook business page to book and manage appointments , publish upcoming events and create shop.

Facebook business page is not same as your personal profile. They look similar to your personal profile but show information related to your business or organization. Do not create personal profile for your business as Facebook do not allow personal profile as business page and Facebook will shut down any personal profile used as business page.  People can stay connected to your business by liking the page.

Steps To Create Facebook Business Page:


Step 1:


Go to:


Step 2:


Select the page type:

You will get 2 options to create page.
Business or Brand
Community or Public Figure

Note: You must have personal Facebook account to create and manage business page. Your personal information will never display on your business page unless you chose to publish it on the page.

Step 3:


Enter required information:


Business name : Be careful when entering business name, changing business name is a tedious process.


Category: Chose the category that best describe your business. Page layout will depends on the category you chose.


Address : Enter your business adress


Phone Number : Phone number is optional. You can enter phone number if you like.

Step 4:


Upload the profile picture. Your profile picture should relate to your business like logo.

Step 4:


Next you can add cover photo. A cover photo is the horizontal image that spans the top of business  page. Cover photo can be use to advertise any special deals or campaigns.