Web Design Best Practices

Whenever we set up a new business, our first objective is to reach out to our target market. We can achieve this by following web design best practices .  We set up a website and ensure that it gets the maximum possible visitors that we can convert into prospects. These prospects will then be taken through the buyer’s journey and culminate in a sale. The layout of your website should allow the visitor to gain knowledge about any queries they had. It makes the job of a web designer very critical.


A significant challenge of web designers is to ensure they lure new prospects to the website. When the prospect finds your site for the first time, they must have an excellent first impression of your website. Around 94% of the first impression of your website is linked to its design. As a web designer, you must keep this in mind. Now, what are the consequences of a poorly designed website? According to research, almost 89% of all consumers move to the competition if they are unhappy with your website. (Source: Webfx) As a web designer, you must consider these web design best practices to bring in more visitors to your site.


Focus on your target audience


While creating the concept about the website, we tend to forget about the target audience. We are building the site for your prospects. Your beauty will be rendered useless if your prospects find no value in it. As a web designer, we must put ourselves into the feet of the prospect and try to understand what they will try to find at the website. Before understanding this, we must take a step backwards and understand the solution portfolio of the client fully. We also must understand the demographics of the target market and do some online research about the colors, patterns and textures that are preferred by the age group.

web design best practices

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Position your CTAs correctly


When the visitor is on your website, you need to take them through the buyer’s journey and lead them to a call-to-action (CTA). Based on their position on the journey, the CTA could vary. While placing the CTA button, you must apply the rule of thirds. You need to divide the area with two equally spaced e points where the lines meet will help you find how the visitor’s eye will move. Your CTAs should be placed accordingly.


The CTAs on the homepage should be decided during the planning phase itself. Web designers need to be creative about the CTAs as it will draw the attention of the visitor and make them take the actions that you want them to take. Be innovative to make the CTAs interactive as well.


Be responsive


80% of all users used their mobile device to enter a search query. This has made more than 50% of websites to use a responsive design that works with all devices. (Source: Quora Creative) Having a responsive design will allow the site to adjust to the different browsers and screen sizes of the mobile devices of the target market. Again, mobile devices are constrained by size, and you need to keep this in mind when you are writing the text or selecting the images. Among the critical web design best practices, a mobile-first mindset will allow you to keep in mind the ease of use of a mobile user.


Keep consistent branding


When creating the website, you must keep the branding of the client compatible throughout the site. Statistics reveal that using brand colors improve recognition by over 80%. (Source: Venngage) If the branding is not uniform, it will make the visitor bewildered. Once the branding is inconsistent, it leaves an adverse effect on the content as well. To adhere to the web development process best practices, you must use the branding colors on all images, including the messaging, videos, info-graphics, etc.


Maintaining your brand on your site will help in building a sense of trust with the visitors. The design should be simple enough and consistent throughout the site. While using colors, you should use contrasting colors in specific areas. It will stand out and will be easier for the visitors to read.


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Take care of the loading time


While designing the website, remember to consider the website loading time. It is because visitors to the site will leave the website if it takes more than three seconds to load. But, over time, the average size of websites has increased tremendously. So, can you reduce the size of your website? You can use new size formats of the images. If you use a WordPress site, download plug-ins that can help to reduce image size.


Using a content delivery network will also help. The website’s static files will be loaded on servers scattered geographically. When a visitor tries to access the website, the site will be loaded from a server close to the user.


Website navigation


The visitors to your website must find the answers to their queries quickly. If it is a cumbersome process for them, they will leave. The navigation should have a proper flow with simple headings and dropdown menus. The menus should be organised in such a way that the user can easily find the information they need.


Using breadcrumbs also help in driving traffic to the desired destination. The visitor can land up anywhere on the website. You must have proper navigational facilities to take them to the portions of the site where you need them to be. These are more important for e-commerce websites.


Optimize for search engines


What is the use of the site if it cannot be found on the internet? Any expert web design best practices will pay attention to SEO activities. WordPress allows you to download plug-ins to help in SEO. You must remember to include the SEO tags along with the schema and XML sitemap.


You must also use alt tags for the images using the keywords and optimize internal linking throughout the site. Using keyword optimized content will also ensure that your website ranks high in organic ranking.


Given that your site is your mouthpiece for the external world, it needs to be innovative and exciting to entice visitors to pay a visit. Once on the website, they must be taken through a carefully crafted buyer’s journey to ensure a sale. It requires you to follow some of the web development process best practices as detailed in this article. In all, you need to have a smart design coupled with great user experience.

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