10 Tips on Website Design for Local SEO

Are you a small business? Do you operate in the B2C segment? Are you a franchise for a larger brand? Local SEO can be vital for you. According to research, 97% of customers search to find information locally.


Furthermore, research also shows that 46% of all searches on Google are local. (Source: GoGulf) Your website design needs change to accommodate the additional requirements to cater to local SEO. It helps businesses promote their portfolio online to their prospects who are specifically looking for that service. We will now discuss a few tips to improve local SEO.


Know the target market


Be a small business or a large retail chain; if you are targeting the local market, you must understand the market. What is the buyer persona? What are the problems that you must solve? How can a new business add value to their lives? Once you can answer these queries, you will be able to serve the local population better. The content needs to be changed accordingly. If you have a clear sense of the local populace, the customization of content is more straightforward.

Local SEO

Location pages can be added


Location pages cover a significant portion of the local SEO services. When the search engines crawl the website for a local search, it should find a match from one of the web pages in the site. You need to structure the location page correctly. Take advantage of local keyword research and create relevant content. The services offered must be included along with the contact information specific for the location. Also, optimize the page title and the meta tags in line with SEO best practices.


Local keyword research


As part of the local seo services, web designers must put on the shoes of the prospects and predict the possible search queries. It will help you to be on the first page for the most searched keywords and ensure that no prospects slip out. You must cover keywords for the entire stretch of the prospect’s buyer journey. The Google AdWords Keyword Planner is an excellent free option to establish local keywords.


Create local content


Search engines are smarter and can quickly comprehend whether the page has been written to improve SERP rank. Such activities are heavily penalized. You need to write content that connects with the internet users. It is needed as part of local SEO services. Content writers are tempted to write about general topics, but if you are targeting the local market, you must write about the local audience. Innovative thinking needs to go into the content that you create and think beyond what the business sells.


Optimize for local SEO


Once you have selected the local keywords and created the content, you need to optimize the website. It will involve optimizing the metadata and the page title for local SEO. Also, check the image optimization levels and site speed. The site must also have the local business schema added to it. Google’s research shows that it draws more visitors to your website.


Utilize local videos


According to 99firms, having a video on the homepage boosts your chances of being on the first page of a search by 53%. And 70% of consumers prefer to see a video than go through written content. (Source: Retail Dive) The need for an integrated approach to content increases manifold. You need to reserve some space on the homepage for local videos. Carefully created videos are a creative way to increase enthusiasm on your site. It will lead to more business.


Mobile responsiveness


More and more people are using their mobile devices to do an online search. As a result, search engines have considered mobile responsiveness a significant factor to decide SERP rank. It has also led to an increase in the importance of user experience. Users must have a seamless experience of the website in their mobile devices too. Website designers must keep this in mind and come up with a responsive design that works for mobile as well. Local SEO services for mobile include an easy call-to-action button, legible font, smooth scroll down and move up capabilities.


NAP consistency


If you are a local business, you must ensure that your contact coordinates are consistent wherever you have decided to put them. The full details of the company and the address must be provided. If you have the contact number on the website, it must be the same at all places.


Additionally, you must create your profile on Google My Business (GMB). After creating the profile, you need to confirm it and ensure that the details are the same as that provided on your website. The listing should be made appealing, and high-quality photos can be uploaded.


Allow customers to post reviews


We like to go through reviews before making our buying decision. According to Brightlocal, around 68% of buyers are encouraged by positive reviews about a local business. As a result, it becomes crucial to include a portion to allow customers to provide reviews. The site administrator can approve the reviews. Having positive reviews will lead to more customers. You can also link social media reviews on your website.


Set up social media signals


As part of their local SEO services, web designers must set up social media signals. A Facebook business page will work wonders for the business. You may post high-quality pictures and allow reviews on the business page. An Instagram page can also be set up to post pictures. The website can be connected to the social media pages too.


Get noticed in your target market


An optimized website design should be an integral part of the local SEO strategy. Ranking first on the Google SERP is a sure shot way to get noticed. You can take the help of an expert to work on inbound links with proper authority and relevance. Writing relevant blogs is another way to get noticed.


We have discussed a few tips about how to improve your SEO strategy for the local market. It will help to get the ball rolling and initiate you to the online marketing world.

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